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Name:   Levi Hughes  
Description:   ~ 12 years old ~ 34 lb ~ fostered in Ellicott City, MD ~

Look at that face! He’s a very sweet, calm, gentle soul, easy going, good with kids and other dogs. He’s a lower energy dog, more of a couch potato, but enjoys leisurely strolls and being outside in the backyard. He has good hearing, despite fooling us initially. We though he was deaf, but it was just selective Beagle listening! His appetite is fine! Levi gets along with cats, as well as with kids and other dogs. Levi’s so good-natured, that he helped the shelter test the temperament of other dogs! Levi has good house manners now with regards to potty business. He does not bark excessively and he is good in the car, making it fun to take him to the park. He just loves having his ears and head scratched, and will vocalize his bliss! He would make a wonderful companion. He’s looking for someone who is patient and understanding.
posted 01/26/20 and updated 07/11/20