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Name:   Sammy Hughes  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs old ~ 35 lb ~ fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

UPDATE 1/8/2020: In their shared foster home, Sammy and Angel P. George ( have discovered a love connection, and his foster mom wants them to be adopted together. She knows this will probably take a little more time, but they are happiest in each others' company.

ORIGINAL POST: Sammy the lunkhead is as sweet and lovable as they come! As playful as a puppy, he gets along well with the canine companions in his foster home. His foster mom jokingly calls him a lunkhead because he’s an unrefined goofball with a big honkin’ head. He likes his toys and LOVES to redecorate! A mischievous thief, he’ll steal just about anything in reach and move it to another location leaving his foster mom to frequently search for her shoes, socks, or other toy-sized items she’s left lying around (he’s training her to put her things away). He is also doing a good job at learning that his toys are WAAAAY more desirable than his foster mom’s belongings.

An energetic and playful boy, Sammy enjoys mixing it up with the dogs in his foster home and likes to poke around the fenced yard in general. Agreeable about going into the crate while his foster mom is away, he often self-crates at other times. While Sammy already knows ‘sit,’ he would benefit from some basic obedience training. He’s timid and reserved in new situations; sometimes must be cajoled to come indoors; eats his meals with GUSTO; and is leash averse. He will chew the leash if he feels any tension at all; in fact, he sliced through 3 leads on his very first day in rescue!

Sammy is well on his way to being a wonderful family pet – he’s demonstrated appropriate social interactions with dogs he’s met; shown no food aggression; listens pretty well (for a beagle); is calm in the car; and might even be housebroken – he hasn’t had a single accident since arriving!

Sammy’s ideal forever home would include another dog, have a fenced yard, loving and patient people, and TOYS – lots and lots of toys!

Keep tabs on Sammy by visiting the by visiting this link to a facebook page that he shares with other BRSM foster dogs.

Posted 01/03/20