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Name:   Candy Bates  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 21 lbs ~ Fostered in Jessup, MD ~

This girl has some spirit in her! Upon entering her first stop on the way to her foster home she did not cower in a corner when the herd of resident beagles gave her the once over... she sniffed right back! She is curious, very sweet and very smart. She found the dog door in record time and amused herself by going in and out for 5 minutes straight. ("LOOK! IT'S A MIRACLE!!! I'M IN! I'M OUT! NOW I'M IN AGAIN!") She's happy and bouncy - and in no way is a senior citizen. If you give her a treat from your pocket, she will give you no rest until she has exhausted the supply - and even then you will be eyed with suspicion. What an absolute sweetheart! Candy can be quite talkative. For such a little girl, her voice is surprisingly loud, so she's not a great candidate for an apartment or condo. If you're interested in adopting Candy, please contact

Posted: 12/28/19