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Name:   Dusty Gilroy  
Description:   ~ 26 lbs ~ 6-ish yrs old ~ Fostered in Glen Burnie, MD

At one time Dusty lived on a hunter's property, but he's a sweet guy with no interest in hunting wascally wabbits. The hunter was taking him to the shelter when a neighbor intervened on Dusty's behalf. This was undoubtedly the best day of Dusty's life. He was skinny. He was filthy dirty and just a mite stinky. Those were the least of his worries. He also has heartworm, lymes disease and erlichia. No wonder he fell asleep on his freedom ride! Poor Dusty had not only been consigned to sleeping outside in the cold of winter and sweltering heat of summer, he must have been feeling badly for a long time. Our boy hit the parasite jackpot. All those worries are behind him now. He landed in a foster home with experience in helping dogs through heartworm, he's got a foster brother to keep him company, nutritious food, and pillows and blankets! It's going to be awhile before this sweet boy is ready for his forever home, but he'll be worth the wait!

Posted: 12/06/19