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Name:   Skyla Hughes  
Description:   ~ 1 to 2 yrs old ~ 44 lbs ~ fostered in Manassas, VA ~

Skyla started fostering with us in early December of 2019.

Skyla is very sweet and loving with all of the people she has met. She likes to jump up and lean on you and get lots of pets. She can be a bit anxious at times, but she has learned to calm down more the longer she has been here. She has a playful side and she loves to chase a tennis ball around and plays a good game of fetch. She does well at keeping herself busy by chewing on a toy or taking a nap when there aren’t people around for her to hang out with.

So far, she does pretty well on her walks. Like a typical hound, she likes to take in all the smells and get lots of exploring done. I’m sure that she would love a securely fenced backyard where she could run free and do lots of exploring and smelling. She does like to pull a bit when seeing other dogs or people while walking, but a bit of work with her and this could be fixed pretty quick.

At the moment Skyla is not currently potty trained in her kennel, but it is something we are working on. In a home environment on a regular schedule, we think she could learn pretty quickly when is the appropriate time to go to the bathroom.

Her interactions with other dogs so far have been hit or miss as she is not fully integrated into daycare at the moment. However, we are working with her around other dogs to help her. If you’re considering Skyla as a 2nd+ dog a meet and greet with your current dog(s) would be best to see how they get along.
posted 12/02/19 and updated 01/18/20