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Name:   Angel P. George  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs old ~ 31 lbs ~ fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

UPDATE 1/8/2020: n their shared foster home, Angel (a.k.a., Jelly Bean) and Sammy ( have discovered a love connection, and her foster mom wants them to be adopted together. She knows this will probably take a little more time, but they are happiest in each others' company. Angel is a completely different and much more confident dog with Sammy around!

ORIGINAL POST: Angel is settling into a foster home where she's being given plenty of time to hang out in a little den made just for her until she decides to come out and socialize with everybody. She has already interacted appropriately with all the resident beagles, even though the overly vocal Betty and Petey have been a leeeetle over-the-top! Her foster mom thinks Angel will soon join in the hijinks once she figures out all they care about is food and having fun!

Angel came to BRSM from a Good Samaritan who trapped her after she had lingered near an ice cream store and was fed scraps over the summer. Trapping was pretty easy once her food source disappeared when the shop closed for the season. Angel continues to be reserved and remains a flight risk, but now that she’s in a foster home, she’ll be able to decompress and figure out how great it is to be a house dog! Check out Angel in her foster home for photos and occasional updates: Facebook page
posted 11/23/19