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Name:   Marley Baltimore (now Molly)  
Description:   ~ 21 lb ~ 1 yr old ~

UPDATE: Thanks to a dedicated foster mom, Marley has made remarkable progress in her recovery. She went for her first PT visit on January 3 and the doctor was blown away by her progress! Her range of motion was perfect (again, foster mom had been working with her all along) and her muscle mass was only about 1/8 of an inch less than the unaffected side. She was given some therapy exercises to do at home and we were told it wasn't necessary for her to return. AMAZING! She should be ready to go to her forever home by Feb. 1.

Marley is facing almost certain arthritis in the future and needs to be kept on a good glucosamine supplement for the rest of her life. The vet suggested a prescription strength. Potential arthritis aside, Marley is a VERY wiggly, active young dog. Her current home boasts a large yard and two larger hounds who love to wrestle and roll and she enjoys every second of it. Marley needs to go to a home with a securely fenced yard (No amount of going for walks is going to exhaust her energy) and another playful dog. It is vital that Marley not be allowed to put on weight. According to the vet, she needs to remain slightly under the ideal to avoid extra stress to the joint. She is at the optimal weight right now.

Marley is friendly, happy and outgoing. She's a great dog!

ORIGINAL POST: Marley was turned in to the shelter after a broken femur and her family was unable to pay for the surgery. She had to be transported to the Pet ER for emergency surgery. She will need to recover for a while, before she can look for her forever home.
posted 10/27/19