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Name:   Archie Warren  
Description:   ~ 10 yrs old ~ 25 lbs ~ NEEDS A FOSTER HOME ~

He is in a temp foster home until mid-November, then he has to find a new spot.

Archie is a sweet boy. He is doing pretty well with his leash training and house training. He seems to really like my female beagle and does not like two the large male dogs a few doors down. In his dream home,he would prefer to be the only male dog

He is getting used to the action of the city by people watching out the windows at home and taking his time to sit and look around during walks. Though he enjoys sleeping on the couch most of the day, he also likes to sit in the kitchen while I’m cooking. He shows his youthful side with curiosity in and outside the house & short, happy bursts of energy. He has the cutest full body stretch.

Archie is also a quiet boy. The most noise he has made so far is snoring!
posted 10/05/19 and updated 10/18/19