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Name:   MacDougal Columbia  
Description:   ~ 8-10 yrs old ~ 25 lbs ~ Fostered in Catonsville, MD ~

MacDougle (aka Big Mac, aka Mackie, aka Doogie) is one of those dramatic stories that are, unfortunately, all too common. This sweet beagle mix weighed a mere 13 lbs upon shelter intake. Starved, infested with parasites (including heartworm), dreadful dental disease and infections in his eyes and ears, he spent his first month getting strong enough to travel to Baltimore from South Carolina. In that month, his physical transformation began. He is still a very lean 25 lbs.

Whatever cruelty and neglect he suffered, though, Mac is people bonded. He loves to be petted and made over. He gets on well with other dogs. He's been a low-key, undemanding houseguest. Now heartworm free, folks should be lining up to adopt this very sweet, very grateful boy. It will be a lucky family that adopts him. As befitting a dog who has been starved, he will happily eat whatever is made available, so trash and dog food need to be kept securely put away, and small fingers bearing crackers and Cheerios may be accidentally nipped as he tries to take them away. There is not a mean bone in this boy's body, though. He is not cat tested, but he doesn't seem to care what the other dogs are up to, so we doubt that beyond the initial curiosity, he'd give anyone grief. This is a very nice, very sweet, gentle soul. He will be devoted to whomever offers him a soft bed, good food and a gentle hand.

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Posted: 9/28/19