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Name:   Helga Hughes  
Description:   ~ 9 yrs old ~ 75 lb ~ Fostered in Glen Burnie, MD ~

We call this charming, sweet girl, Princess Helga because she’s definitely royalty. Apart from her stunning good looks, she is silky soft and cuddly and enjoys pets and hugs. She loves to be greeted first thing in the morning with a long snuggle before taking care of breakfast.

The princess is house and crate trained and she signals when she needs to go out for a potty break. She does not hesitate to go outside in rain or snow, which is great! Initially, she might bark a little when she realizes we’re leaving the house, but she settles down quickly. She prefers to be close to her people and doggie friends, but will nap if left alone.

Helga is very clever and has excellent problem-solving skills. She was the first dog in the house to figure out the doggie door. She has trouble walking on the hardwood floors so we put down a few runners to help her travel throughout the ground floor. When we clean, she skirts around the hardwood to hop from one area to the next. Sometimes she will run and walk over the floors, but she has continued to slip and this scares her. She also seems scared of the carpeted stairs and the wooden basement steps and will not go upstairs or downstairs no matter the treat or coaxing involved. She manages very well with the concrete/brick steps to get in and out of the house.

She will beg for your food and get very close to you if she thinks you’re eating something, but a firm no keeps her at bay. She is an opportunist hound and if you leave things within reach, she will take advantage of your oversight. We can’t leave anything out or she’ll find a way to get into it – and she adores shredding paper products! Helga is learning to take treats gently as she tends to snap in her enthusiasm, so we don’t recommend a home with young children. She does not resource guard and is not food-aggressive, but she will snatch treats from the other dogs. Her foster siblings are very mild-mannered, but we still feed and treat them separately.

Her favorite activity is running around the fenced yard to explore and occasionally dig for treasure. We still supervise her in the yard as she will dig under the fence. She especially enjoys romping with other dogs, so a home with another sweet dog or two would be ideal. Her favorite game is to “steal” her mastiff brother’s toy and try to get him to chase her. Helga is extremely sociable and greets people and dogs nicely. She walks well on a leash, but will sometimes pull if she catches an interesting scent. She does not yank on the leash and is easily redirected to continue her leisurely stroll.

Helga is a rather quiet hound, but when she decides to alert or complain, it is a huge sound that’s typical of her breed. For this reason, we don’t recommend an apartment or condo living arrangement for her. She has not jumped on counters or on people since we’ve had her, but she will nudge you and bump into you to get attention.

Here are some of the quirky and delightful things that she does: overturn her doggie bed to scrunch it up and lay awkwardly over it for naps, stare at the pantry door in hopes of treats, bark a bit while she’s going potty as if to tell the world of her accomplishment, follow you around the house, press into you as if she’s hugging you back, snore adorably while sleeping, wiggle her beautiful ears at you endearingly.

We are crazy about Princess Helga and would keep her with us, but three dogs is our limit and we want to keep fostering. She’s a true darling and a loving companion, and worthy of all the love and adoration a forever family has to give.

Posted 09/19/19 and updated 01/19/20