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Name:   Toby Delaware  
Description:   ~ 13 yrs old ~ 22 lbs ~ NEEDS A FOSTER HOME ~

This boy is 22 lbs of pure love! He is cute as a button, well behaved, friendly, curious, and surprisingly spry. At 13 Toby finds himself having to start over. That is heartbreaking at any age, but at 13! Come on!. He likes nothing more than the company of his human. We are unsure of his original situation, but he was rescued in May 2019 by a Good Samaritan who kept him as long as she was able. When her home situation became untenable, Toby came to us. We cannot say enough good things about him. He rides in the car like a champ. In fact, if you say "Bye byes" to him, he is ready to roll. He enjoys walks too, particularly if his nose is to the ground. From the moment we met him, his ears were cocked forward. He is self confident and just knows life is going to get better. Can you foster Toby? We promise that he is a total sweetheart and you'll fall in love with him like we did. If you are interested in adding this sweet boy to your family, please contact

For those who care about such things, our boy is all beagle! He comes with an AKC Pedigree. His Mr. Fancypants name is Tobias T Bone Tuff, but it embarrasses the daylights out of him. He much prefers to be called Toby.

Posted 09/15/19