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Name:   Brownie Hughes  
Description:   ~ 2 yrs old ~ 28 lbs ~ fostered in Sterling, VA ~

Brownie came into our foster care in September 2019. She is a spayed female beagle weighing 28 pounds and is about 2 years old.

Brownie is extremely sweet and loves human affection. She will jump up to sit next to you and loves to be petted and hugged. She would likely make an excellent lap dog or cuddle partner. Her personality is pretty laid back for her young age and she isn’t super high energy. She does really well in a kennel or crate and doesn’t make a peep. She also rides in the car really well and doesn’t get car sick.

She has done very well since starting day care. At first a little shy, she has opened up with both her playmates and the attendants. She loves to play with the other dogs so although she is a little laid back, she is also still a playful two year old pup. She has bonded with her main caretakers and gets really excited whenever she sees them.

Brownie loves to go on walks and will have her nose to the ground, and her explorer hat on. She would likely do great in a house with other dogs and perhaps even cats! We also think she will do great with small children. She will make a wonderful addition for any person or family.

Brownie is not potty trained, and her adopter will need to work with her on this
posted 08/31/19 and updated 10/06/19