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Name:   Reuben George  
Description:   ~ 11 yrs old ~ 24 lbs ~ Fostered in Colonial Beach, VA ~ Temporarily unavailable until his remaining eye is assessed. He has glaucoma. ~

This cutie is Reuben (or Ruben, as the shelter spelled it). He was returned to the shelter by his adopters through no fault of his own. By all accounts he is a very sweet boy. The first thing you notice about Reuben is that he has a charming wink. If you ask him about it, he'll tell you a tall tale about losing his eye in a jousting tournament to win the heart of a fair maiden. The truth is a lot more mundane. He lost his eye to glaucoma and is still recuperating. Worse, Fair Maiden tossed him aside, not because of the missing eye (It makes him look mysterious.), but because he's been neutered. You can see where that might embarrass a guy and he'd concoct a story like that.

At any rate, he's making the best of things with his foster family, who think he's just the best thing going. They report that he is good natured, sweet, enjoys walks and being outdoors, likes kids and would be a good family dog. He's a foodie, of course, the hallmark of being a beagle. He cuddles with foster mom at night, and has not had any accidents in the house thus far. It's possible that he is a bit hard of hearing. Then again, he may have the selective hearing of most beagles if there's no treat involved.

Reuben is 10 or 11 years old, so past the puppy tomfoolery. This is such a good boy. He's going to make someone a wonderful companion. We'd like to see that happen soon. If you'd like to meet Reuben, please contact He is a love and we are delighted that he is with us.

Posted: 6/26/19