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Name:   Freckles Beaufort  
Description:   ~ 6 yrs ~ 37 lbs ~ Fostered in Glen Burnie, MD ~ Currently under treatment for heartworm ~

UPDATE 6/5/19: Freckles is adjusting wonderfully in his foster home. The first two nights he slept in his crate, but upon waking seemed panicked that he was alone - so Freckles and his people negotiated better terms, and he now shares their bed. He seems pleased with this new arrangement. He does go into his crate during the day to lay down and rest--when he's not lounging on the sofa. He does great with the cats in his home and with the resident dog. You can see that he's normally got some spunk and wants to play with his foster brother, but starts to cough when things get rowdy due to the heartworm. He ignores the cats. Freckles is not a velcro dog. He likes to be near the humans, but doesn't demand attention. He's happy just to be in the same room. All in all, he's rather mellow and quite sweet. He will soon begin his heartworm treatment. Stay tuned!

ORIGINAL POST: Freckles has just joined the BRSM family, so we haven't gotten to know him yet. He also suffers from heartworm disease (the scourge of the South) and will need to be treated. Fortunately for Freckles, he landed a spot with a foster with ample experience!

Posted: 5/31/19