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Name:   Grayson Kelly  
Description:   ~ 27 lb ~ 7 yrs old ~ fostered in Parkville, MD ~

Grayson had an eventful weekend! We introduced him to our dogs outside, and then took them all for a walk which he loved! He walked pretty well but does need to learn a few leash manners. After giving him some time to explore the house, we went to PetSmart and HomeGoods to pick up some toys and got him a Rae Dunn “Rescued” bowl. He was well behaved around other dogs and strangers.

Took all 3 boys to Paws in Annapolis, and Grayson got a collar/bow tie too to show off how handsome he is! We also took him out to eat with us on a patio and he showed off his gentlemanly manners. He will be great for a family on the go, as long as he goes with them.

He has been super playful with our dogs, and we immediately feel that he will need a family with another dog he can play with to really be happy.

He also picked up on ringing bells on the door to go potty outside (or to play). He was ok with the crate today for 15 min while I ran to Starbucks, so we will slowly get him crate trained as well.
posted 05/17/19 and updated 05/27/19