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Name:   Forrest Southampton  
Description:   ~ 33 lb ~ 7 yrs old ~ Fostered in Glen Burnie, MD

Forrest is doing very well and demonstrating his excellent house manners - not one accident so far. Samson has taken Forrest under his paw and they are hardly ever apart. We tried to keep them separate, but Sammy wasn't having any of it. Forrest seems to enjoy the company and will follow Samson around - they even take potty breaks together.

We crate him at night and he's quiet and calm in there. He will yowl his hound song when we let him out, though! And it's loud and beautiful :) We'd missed that beagle voice!

Forrest is still fussing about meals, but we found out that he will eat when we feed them together. We would usually not do this so early, but they get on like a house on fire. And they are never unsupervised because I am paranoid. Eeyore also likes the newbie, but he's the quiet, sleepy type who doesn't run around much. He will snuggle up with the others on the couch if they all get up there. I'll send another update this weekend and try to get some more pics as his sweet personality emerges.

Posted 5/12/19 and updated 05/20/19