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Name:   Forrest Southampton  
Description:   ~ 33 lb ~ 7 yrs old ~ Fostered in Glen Burnie, MD

Forrest is an absolute delight! He’s the perfect family pet – super soft and cuddly, sweet and gentle, and easygoing. He’s a dream pup.

After initially using the crate as a safe space, he now refuses to go inside it. He realizes that we disappear when this happens and will not enter it willingly – even with treats and cajoling. He does not have any separation anxiety, and will quickly settle down if we do crate him. However, he is 100% housebroken and behaves so well that we can and do trust him in the house. At night, he will sleep on his favorite chair in the living room instead of the doggie bed.

He has become best buds with our Mastiff, Samson, and they enjoy lounging, running and having cuddles together. Forrest walks well on a leash when exploring the neighborhood, and loves car rides. His favorite activity is snuggling up with his people and doggie friends. Forrest would do better in a home with another dog since he is so sociable. He is a bit shy when meeting new people, but once he sees that we are okay with them, he is quick to join in for playtime. He was very good when we gave him a bath and he enjoyed rolling around on the towels to dry off afterwards.

Forrest prefers a mix of wet and dry food, but he will eat any treats offered – he takes treats so softly from our fingers! Like a typical beagle, he will solicit scraps during mealtimes, but will desist when we say a firm, “Down.” He does not resource guard, and he is also not very interested in toys. He’s totally about his people and doggie friends. He’s the sweetest little beagle and everyone adores him – he’s pretty much perfect in our book!

Posted 5/12/19 and updated 05/27/19