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Name:   Sammy Lexington  
Description:   ~ 5-6 yrs old ~ 44 lbs ~ Fostered in Colonial Beach, VA

Sammy has only been in rescue for about a week and we're just getting to know him,but his foster mom has made the following observations:

- So far he is not vocal. I have never heard him let out a single bark or howl. He does not even make a sound when my dogs are barking and Gus is howling.

- He certainly has playful energy but he is also fine with just relaxing next to his human or in a crate.

- He certainly is interested in exploring and would get out of any poorly fenced in back yard.

- He likes to look in the mirror and smile at himself.

- He is fascinated by the TV and thinks the pictures are real. He often stops and watches the TV if he walks by it if it is on.

- He loves to be around his human and will follow you from room to room.

- I have treat puzzle toys and he figured them out pretty fast and was able to get out the treats.

- He has no food aggression issues. You can mess with his food while he is eating and he will not growl or bite. He will try and eat it faster, though.

- I would recommend Sammy for an apartment home or town home based off what I have seen so far. He would not cause noise complaints and is fine with just sleeping when left in the crate. I would not trust him with access to any fenced in yard without continual monitoring. He certainly wants to explore.

- I gave him a bath and he is not a fan of the water but he also acted like he just was not sure what it is. He eventually crouched down and let me wash him but if I loosened my hold on him even a little then he would try and get away.

We're undecided where his size comes from. He's 44 lbs with out an ounce of fat, but we're going to go with Harrier/Beagle mix. He is strong and will need to be trained to walk on lead without pulling. Children should not be allowed to walk him on the street..

Posted: 4/27/19