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Name:   Jiles Franklin  
Description:   ~ 2 yrs ~ 22 lbs ~

Jiles is little package chocked full of a big, fun, quirky personality! He is a very happy boy who gets along well with other dogs, big & small. This energetic little bundle of joy loves to run and play with all of the dogs in the yard! He is also so very gentle and affectionate with people … it’s simply impossible not to love him. He is the ultimate toy hoarder and likes to gather them all up and store them in his special spot. Some of his “toys” may have an uncanny resemblance to your remote controls, eyeglasses, wallet, etc … but rest assured he is just keeping them safe for you. He doesn’t destroy anything … but he does leave a little nibble mark … sort of like a mark of ownership. He is housebroken and quickly learned to use the doggie door to go outside. He is crate trained, but this spoiled pooch prefers a crate large enough for a bigger dog so he can stretch out or curl up in a cozy blanket for a nap. At breakfast and dinner he gets a cup of kibble with a spoonful of canned food mixed in. He is a bit of an enthusiastic eater. Food is the one thing he doesn’t want to share, so he gets to eat separately in his own private dining room. Whoever adopts this adorable Beagle will have years of fun, devotion and love.

Posted 4/13/19