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Name:   Shelton Fayette  
Description:   ~ 22 lb ~ 10-12 yrs old ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Shelton has found his voice over the last week so obviously he’s starting to feel better, after a much-needed dental cleaning. He does seem to have a little instability that pops up if he tries to exert himself too much. I caught him rolling in the grass this morning and that was the first time we’ve seen him not being sheepish but he definitely wobbled getting back up. He is a total cuddle bug and is very pliable when you need to give him his medicine and eating his food. He’s still not drinking as much water as I’d like but he is probably enough with the wet food. He’s slow and steady, hasn’t really played yet but we’re still keeping him protected for a few more weeks per the doctor's orders. He’s dog and people bonded. We’ve been keeping him with one of the girls when he’s not with us and he does NOT like to be alone. He does have some timidness when approached overhead by new people but warms up quickly.
posted 04/07/19 and updated 05/06/19