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Name:   Blake Fayette  
Description:   ~ 22 lb ~ 12 yrs old ~ Fostered in Woodbridge, VA ~

He weighs 20 pounds, and his paperwork says he is 12, but he acts and moves like a much younger dog. He is very dog friendly, and has bonded with us quickly in the past 2 weeks. He has been great with my other beagle and respects her space, and surprisingly good with my cats. He seems a little hand shy and is sometimes jumpy, but he is very good with us. He bolted for the door the first week we had him, but has really settled in now and is no longer doing that. In the house, he comes when we call him, so he knows his name, too. I believe he came from a hunting kennel, because when he is outside, he is all nose, which makes walking him interesting. He has some separation anxiety, and we are working on crate training him, and getting him with the program on housebreaking and house manners. He looks for affection, but is not "in your face". He is always nearby. He's quiet in the house unless my other beagle barks. He loves dinner time, and best of all he doesn't beg or take food from your hand. He prefers to eat from his bowl. He puts himself to bed, and does like a nice soft place to sleep.

His small size and total cuteness has enchanted everyone who meets him.

He would be best with another friendly dog, and maybe a fenced a yard to play in. He is very quick on his feet and gets the zooms in the house once a day, then conks out.

He's a fun little guy!
posted 04/07/19 and updated 05/03/19