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Name:   Dusty Warren  
Description:   ~ 21 lbs ~ 10 yrs old ~ fostered in Potomac, MD ~

Don't let this white face fool you. Dusty is considered a senior but he has lots of energy and loves to be outside enjoying all the interesting scents of bunnies and foxes that get him really excited. No wonder since this guy is a retired hunter. Dusty is still a kinda outdoorsy guy who enjoys being out in the yard as long as the weather is nice. He is a smart and rugged guy with a heart of gold. He will be patiently waiting for somebody to return from work as long as he can go outside to do his business. As a real Beagle, he is less patient when it comes to waiting for his food to be put in front of him. I could fill pages saying nice things about this guy because he is close to perfect. The only warning is: This guy is shedding a lot so please keep that in mind. Besides that, he is a low maintenance dog who even got a lot of praise from our vet for being super sweet and patient. He had some minor infection issues (eyes, bladder) but he seems to be in overall good health now. posted 03/27/19 and updated 05/12/19