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Name:   Lucy Howard  
Description:   ~ 2 yrs old ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Lucy was found with another beagle, living outside in awful conditions. She's left her past far behind though, and is now loving life! Lucy is about two, we think, and has been spayed. She's a petite ball of energy who LOVES to give kisses and just be adorable in general. Lucy has liked everyone she's met, both humans and dogs. She has a healthy fear of cats! She's the perfect little companion with a lot of love to give.

update: She's got a lot of personality! She is super affectionate and a bit clingy but I think that's moderating a bit. She seems much more people focused than dog focused. She is pretty agile! She figured out how to get on our bed via a chair and night stand onto the bed. She is smart. She is a bit of a picky eater (never had a picky beagle). Housebreaking is going well. She is quiet so far.

She seems to know some basic verbal commands - no, down and stay she's clearly familiar with. She's iffy on sit. She sits but gets up right away. I'm working on "drop" which is so useful with dogs who tend to eat whatever they come across (like every other beagle I've had). She isn't quite as food motivated though.
posted 03/23/19 and updated 05/20/19