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Name:   Bubba Surry (now Tommy)  
Description:   ~ 8 -9 yrs ~ 35 lbs ~ Fostered in Berkley Springs, WV ~

Our Bubba has had a lot of changes in his life. The humans he loved failed him, and although clearly hunger wasn't an issue, lack of veterinary care was. Bubba has just arrived in rescue and would really like a quiet place to process the changes in his life and adapt to them. The shelter reported him docile and shy on intake, but the ensuing poking, prodding and other unpleasantries inflicted upon him made him a bit growly with the staff. During transport north, he was quiet and unwilling to exit the crate to take a walk. He spent his first night in rescue in his crate inside an x-pen, and after he had a chance to decompress, he finally came out to eat a little and relieve himself. His temporary foster spent quite a bit of time with him, reassuring him and petting him. He showed no aggression whatsoever, even upon being picked up. Bubba is a very sweet boy, but depressed and confused. He will need time and patience to come around, but we think he will. He needs to lose about 10 lbs, so a controlled diet and a few walks a day would do both his waistline and his sense of well being a world of good. We are going to let Bubba chill for a few weeks to regain his footing and assess his personality more fully so that we know what kind of home will make him happiest. Please be patient.

Posted: 3/9/19