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Name:   Barbara Kelly (now Scout)  
Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ fostered in Emmittsburg, MD ~ part of a bonded pair with June Kelly

(update 03/01/19) So Barb has settled in so much better. I have consistently integrated her into the “pack” with my 4 beagles and one of my other 100 pound dogs that has been staying with me for almost a year. She rarely has an uncomfortable outburst any more. She and June are doing very well! June is still a little on the skittish side when there’s a change going on…like heading downstairs for potty breaks or if there is some sort of commotion, but she’s been playful or napping all other times. She leans on Barb for comfort and Barb always makes sure June is OK. They’re a wonderful pair!

(02/26/19) The girls are doing well. They’re both wonderful with people…super happy and cuddly. Especially June…she loves to tuck her head into the crook of my neck for a nap. Barb would be happiest with June and no other dogs in the house. They definitely are a bonded pair and need to stay together. We’ve been practicing getting used to walking on a leash too. June is always out in front leading and Barb gets pulled along behind. They are both doing amazingly well with their housebreaking and haven’t had an accident inside since the very first day. They are great kenneled together to sleep at night too.
posted 02/16/19 and updated 03/02/19