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Name:   Nicki Northampton (aka Priss) (now Lucy)  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 25 lbs ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD~

Priss and Pringle are a bonded pair. These two little girls are the cutest little things but totally different from each other. They might not stay in the same room all of the time but if they did not see each other for 5 minutes they go looking for each other to make sure they are ok.

When Pris discovered the soft, human bed with pillows and blankets in her last foster home, she became a creature of comfort. She does not like getting out of bed until 8 am. She enjoys breakfast in bed - then comes down to go potty and then goes back to bed. She loves to be petted and loves to be held. She loves to go for walk, but only after 8am. She loves everyone she meets and ask very nice to be petted.

These two are great little beagles they do not need a lot of space - just a warm bed (yours) and lots of love. They are not that active, but enjoy their walkies, so good for more staid folks who need incentive to get out and walk.
Posted 02/15/19 and updated 07/27/19