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Name:   Isabella Hughes  
Description:   ~ 38 lbs ~ 8 yrs old ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Isabella continues to progress- her incision is healing up nicely and her fur seems to be growing back in as she becomes less anxious. She is sleeping through the night now and is very rarely having any accidents down in the basement :-) Here are a couple of photos and a writeup for her profile... Isabella is just the sweetest love. She will go up to anyone frantically wagging her tail and literally cries out for attention- when we come home from work she does a sort of singing bark. When you quit petting her she puts her paw on your arm to say please don't stop!

She gets along very well with our beagle and two cats. I imagine that she be great around children too. She enjoys sniffing around in the yard a little bit, but prefers a walk of course ;-) We generally go about 2 miles and she shows no signs of stopping.

The thing that seems to comfort and calm Isabella the most is having a designated area with her bed and toys. Sometimes she will carry up to three of them around in her mouth at one time! She gathers all of the toys together and arranges them in her bed sometimes along with her food bowl.

This gentle girl only wants to be loved and would fit in just about anywhere!
posted 02/08/19 and updated 03/10/19