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Name:   Darwin Arundel  
Description:   ~ 9 yrs old ~ 46 lbs ~ fostered in Martinsburg, WV ~

Darwin is just the ultimate love bug! This pup has so much affection to give and wants all of the ear scratches & belly rubs ?? He will come right up and snuggle into you. If you have a free hand, he gently directs you to give pets. Having been trained as a rabbit hunter & kept outside (per his surrender papers), I definitely think he’ll need an owner that is familiar with the breed. He does amazingly well on a leash. We take multiple walks a day around the property, but I am not comfortable to let him off the leash, as he has several times stretched out on the chain link, sizing it up/nose in the air & I’m too nervous that w/ his strength he may easily climb the fence. Also, he does great in the car, but he IS full of Beagle magic~ on the drive back from Joe’s on the 2nd day, I stopped for gas & this little (Big!) stinker somehow SLIPPED his harness, which had the leash woven through the headrest & buckled in! I have no idea how he managed this! He was waiting for me in the passenger seat, proud as could be. Then, today we drove to my po box & he UNbuckled his seat belt & bounced up into the front seat with me! ?? So, I guess I will let him ride shotgun from now on ???????

He has barked at the door to be let out & he has woken me up to take him out, and even the AC paperwork said he was neat/used the outside den to do his business. He grooms himself after meals & keeps clean for an older guy. He’s had zero objections to letting me dry off his paws or to cleaning his ears, which he probably never had done before, because they’re pretty gross. He seems to enjoy it to the point that he’ll just lie there & let me roll him over to do the other side. He responds to ‘come’ & ‘no’ & does his best with ‘sit’. Again/still there has been zero dominant behavior displayed with Joe’s Beagle boys, nor us or my neighbors- a mom & son who have two large hounds. We’re going to try to introduce the 3 of them this weekend & see how that goes. We’ll be headed to Joe’s after Darwin’s vet appointment tomorrow & can observe him more w/ the pack. I’ve tested him with the crate a few times, just while in the same room & he has a big freak out, so we’ll see about working on that. Overall he’s just a great, lovable, easy going pup!!
posted 01/13/19 and updated 01/25/19