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Name:   Byron Richland  
Description:   ~ 4 to 5 yrs old ~ 26 lbs ~ fostered in University Park, MD ~ Byron is a sweet and handsome fellow who is housebroken and crate-trained. His favorite activities, aside from eating, are walks, car rides, and chew toys. He gets along well with other dogs and ignores my cat. A lively and energetic boy, he likes to run and roughhouse with my dog. Byron defends his back yard from trespassers, i.e. birds and squirrels. If I'm holding his bowl of food, he can walk on his hind legs.

Unfortunately, Byron lacks self-confidence and is afraid of yelling, loud noises, and new things. He frequently carries his tail between his legs. He needs someone who has the patience to build up his confidence so he realizes what a good boy he is.
posted 01/13/19 and updated 04/06/19