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Name:   Hambone Charles (aka Willie)  
Description:   ~ 2 yrs old ~ 22 lbs ~ fostered in Kensington, MD ~

Willie is amazing! He came to rescue with a respiratory infection that turned out to be pneumonia. He was a sick puppy that coughed constantly and laid around, but he battled through the condition and came out the other end as a typical 2 year old. He has plenty of energy, and lives with a robustness that only the young can possess. He prances when he walks, hops when he runs and pounces when he plays. His curiosity level is off the charts so he is always nosing into everything including the personal space of other dogs. For this reason, it is important for Willie to live with a pup or pups his own age. While he is happiest with other dogs in his life, his activity level and investigations can easily get on the nerves of older more settled dogs. He can entertain himself by running and playing in his yard, but really wants a playmate to wrestle with.

Willie is a smart guy that learns easily, and a sweet guy that would like to please his person. This is a winning combination for training. He is trying to live by the house rules, but there have been many rules for him to learn. He is currently trying to learn to go “potty outside”, sit, off and STOP CHEWING ON THAT! Yes, he is a toddler so chewing is still a part of his life. He is learning that the nylabone and rope toy are acceptable to chew up while the throw rug and dog pillow are not. The key to his training is of course the training treat and praise. If reinforced, Willie can learn quickly what is ok to do.

We feed Willie in a crate because he is always ravenous and I doubt that he would respect the “your food and my food” concept. This of course is something that he will pick up with time. He sleeps in a crate to prevent accidents overnight, and while he does protest at first since other dogs roam free in the same room, he settles down shortly and goes to sleep. I think he may be doing well enough in the house training department to graduate from the night confinement soon. In general Willie is crate trained, and doesn’t complain when asked to stay in a crate especially if his buddy in in the next crate over. Although Willie doesn’t bark too often, he does have a loud bark which is not appropriate for apartment living. I think Willie needs space and friends to be truly happy. We have not taken Willie for walks since he was battling pneumonia so he does need some practice with walking on a leash, but generally will move with you (in the same direction).

Willie is a little shy at first. This is result of his past treatment (which is a mystery to us) and all the changes we have made in his life the last two weeks (dogs don’t generally like change). Willie has been extremely brave to survive with his personality intact since he was dropped off in the night repository at the shelter without much ado. It must be very traumatic for a toddler to go through this type of treatment. For this reason, I’m not surprised that loud voices and noises startle him, quick movements can frighten him and it takes some time for him to trust enough to wag his tail for folks. The tip of his tail by the way has a kink in it. We are not sure if he was born that way or if it was broken in his previous life. His tail doesn’t appear painful, but it does seem a little sensitive.

If you are looking for an active playmate for your pup that will complete your life, please contact BRSM about Willie. He will be a phenomenal addition to your family.
posted 12/02/18 and updated 12/08/18