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Name:   Snoop Dog Charles (now Snoopy)  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 35 lbs ~ fostered in Sterling, VA ~ PART OF A BONDED PAIR with FidoPup Charles

Snoopy and Fido came into our foster care in November 2018. They are neutered males weighing in the 30-40 pounds range and are said to be 5 (Fido) and 8 (Snoopy) but we think they both seem in the 5 year old range. They are both active and love to run around outdoors, nose to ground. They love chew toys and balls, and will walk around the house with them in their mouths for extended periods of time. While they are active, they are not puppies, so if you want to lay down and read a book, they are ready to settle down with you (and with your permission, cuddle right up!) They are extremely bonded and we will be adopting them out as a package deal. They were surrendered together from a single owner due to the fact that he or she no longer had enough time for them. They would likely do very well with children. They have been great with our three older dogs in our home as well. They seem to be pretty much potty trained but Fido did do some marking when he first arrived. They do extremely well in a crate when we have left them in the house unattended.

The two follow each other around constantly; they are inseparable. They troop around together in the yard and in the house, and cuddle right up to each other to sleep. Fido (the larger one) is the more outgoing guy and likes to hog both the attention and the food. Although he lets Fido take center stage, Snoopy is just as loving and curious about the world around him. Neither one barks a lot, although the will occasionally. I’ve heard them howl once with a passing fire truck (it was adorable). Whoever adopts these guys will have gotten extremely lucky to have two well trained and affectionate dogs out of the box.

If you are bringing Fido and Snoopy into a home as a second/third dog, intros should be done so that they knows they are second in line and preference should be given to the first dog until there are established pack rules. It may take some time for the order to be established or it may happen right away.
These guys are truly awesome!
posted 11/21/18 and updated 11/30/18