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Name:   Phineas Flynn  
Description:   ~ 28 lbs ~ 1 yr old Foxhound ~ fostered in Manassas, VA ~

Phinaes came into our foster care in September 2018. He is a neutered male weighing approximately 28 pounds and is approximately 1 years old. He is super active, energetic and still has a ton of puppy in him. He loves to play with other dogs in day care. Phinaes would do well either as a single dog or in a multi-dog household. He would likely do well with children as well. Picture kids chasing him around in the back yard, or taking along him for a morning run. Once Phinaes tuckers himself out, he loves to cuddle with a human companion.

Phinaes is smart and, typical to hounds, will likely enjoy running around outdoors, chasing squirrels, and may be bit of an escape artist. He has been having regular potty breaks at Healthy Hound, and seems to hold his potty well over night, however, he did have an accident in our home on his very first day (may have been nervous in a new environment) and will likely need potty training.

If you are bringing Phinaes into a home as a second dog, intros should be done so that he knows he is second in line and preference should be given to the first dog until there are established pack rules. It may take some time for the order to be established or it may happen right away.

If you are looking for a loving, energetic companion to be your true friend, you will be very lucky to have this handsome guy come be a part of your family. --
posted 10/05/18 and updated 11/15/18