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Name:   Quince Hughes (now Charlie)  
Description:   Born July 31 ~ Fostered in Alexandria, VA ~

Could you just weep from the cuteness? Quince was born into rescue on July 31 and once he is neutered (at about 12 weeks) will be all ready for his forever home. This handsome little man very much resembles his mom (Mango). He's cute and sweet - and all bouncy puppy. Roughly translated, that means he is prepared to wreak a little havoc on his forever home in the form of soiled carpets, inappropriate chewing, and of course, whining inconsolably when left alone (Give a guy a break, he's been surrounded by his litter mates for his whole little life! The world's a lonely place without your siblings!)

Quince deserves nothing less than 100% commitment from his new family. His life expectancy is somewhere in the 14-15 year range, and like marriage, he's going to expect you to be there in good times and bad, in sickness and in health. He's not a temporary kind of guy. If you think you've got the right stuff to make this fellow a bonafide member of your tribe, please download our adopter profile, complete it and send it to It is BRSM policy to NOT place young, noisy energetic dogs in apartments and condos.

Posted 10/14/18