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Name:   Kiwi Hughes (now Flash)  
Description:   Born July 31, 2018 ~ Fostered in Alexandria, VA ~

Kiwi is absolutely the spitting image of his mama (see Mango). He was born in rescue on July 31 and is now neutered, has two sets of puppy shots and is ready to roll. He's high energy and super friendly (also like his mama). He's cute to the max and is ready to wreak havoc on his forever home.

Please don't be suckered in by the cuteness overload. Puppies require almost as much supervision as a human toddler. He will baptize your floors (so much the better if it's expensive carpeting), reduce your table legs to mulch and cry piteously when left alone. If not patiently and properly taught what is expected of him early on, he will soon be a larger version of his wild self, but without the wide eyed cuteness. Beagles live an average of 14-15 years. Please give serious consideration to whether you can make that long of a commitment. He will love you unreservedly and it would break his heart to lose you.

Because of the noise factor (not to mention trying to house train a puppy from the 3rd floor), we discourage puppy adoptions to apartments or condos. If you would like to adopt Kiwi, please complete an adopter profile and send it to

Posted: 10/14/18