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Name:   Becca George (now Daisy)  
Description:   ~ 2 yrs old ~ 15 lb ~ fostered in Columbia, MD ~

Becca is the cutest little thing. Everywhere she goes she draws positive attention because she is so small weighing in at 14lbs. and she has the most adorable light brown eyes. Becca has been fostered from 8/7/2018 with a recent pending adoption on 10/06/2018. During her foster care she has been receiving treatment for her heartworm disease and will not be able to complete her adoption process until she her treatment has been completed. She has been an addition to our beagle family of two male dogs. Becca and her foster brothers bonded immediately and share their beds and toys among themselves with no problems. Becca is crate trained but needs additional house training. She is a very low-key dog and enjoys cuddling up next to you and relaxing. She has had no issues with chewing up household belongings or excessive barking. She likes her treats consisting of peanut butter, pup-peroni beef treats and Alpo variety snaps little bites to name a few. Becca likes the aroma of coffee and if you leave your cup unattended within her reach you will find yourself brewing another cup and cleaning up a spill. She is also a favorite at Academy all the attendants held her to say goodbye after her heartworm stay-over treatment. She does not like being outside in chilly or rainy weather. Becca is a very loving dog and gives you licks on a regular basis. Becca was medically cleared today and now weighs 17 lbs. I wish her much happiness with her new adoptive family who cannot wait to receive her. It was a joy taking care of her for the past 3 months.
posted 08/04/18 and updated 10/18/18