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Name:   Holden Hughes  
Description:   ~ Fostered in Potomac, MD ~ 7 yrs old ~

Holden is very curious, sweet and likes everybody. He was very cuddly when he was not feeling well but now he is feeling great and is quite independent. He is house trained but when left alone for more than five hours he will use one of the corners in the kitchen. He also goes downstairs when he needs to go in the backyard. With his history of bladder infection he should get frequent potty breaks. He can jump on the sofa but does not sleep in a human bed. This is his choice. He and his canine foster brother, Rusty, hang out in the living room at night. Holden is playful but after playing with our neighbor's dog last week he was limping. It went away after some rest and he is running around like nothing happened again. Holden loves to eat and will steal cereal boxes from the table or knock over the dog food. Trash cans and laundry hampers also spark the interest of a true scent hound, like Holden of course. He loves to sleep in and is a couch potato but he still has a spring in his step and is happy to go on longer walks. He walks nicely on a leash (also with a second dog). Holden is a wonderful dog.

Here's a link to a video of Holden displaying his musical talents. click to see the video
posted 08/02/18 and updated 11/10/18