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Name:   Bagel Hughes (now Cooper)  
Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ fostered in Ellicott City ~

Bagel the Beagle is a shy but very sweet little fellow! At first he trembled like Jello, and still does when there is a thunderstorm or when he meets someone new. Gradually he’s warmed up. Despite his shyness, he craves human contact in the form of ear rubs, back rubs, etc and actually doesn’t mind a spa treatment – I mean getting baths with luxurious soapy massages.

He enjoys running around the back yard with my two dogs and has a playful streak, without any signs of aggression. I think he’d do well having another dog as a companion, and having an enclosed yard would be best. Beware, though, he’s a Houdini and his favorite game seems to be “catch me if you can”. In the first 10 minutes of exploring our back yard, he systemically surveyed the perimeter and managed to dig half an escape hole.

He’s fine with kids and doesn’t mind our cat. We are in the process of house training which is going reasonably. There’s not a problem throughout the day if he gets let out regularly, and even if he is locked in a room for half a day with our cat. It’s more if he is let free to roam around at night that he’ll gravitate to sofa corners and mark his territory.

If you “order up” this Bagel, I think he’ll make a wonderful pet.
posted 07/28/18 and updated on 08/04/18