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Name:   Apple Hughes (now Willow)  
Description:   ~ Fostered in Gambrills, MD ~

Apple was part of hunter and backyard breeder's pack. When he passed away, the family called Animal Control to come get the dogs, so Apple and her litter came to BRSM. As you can clearly see, Apple is a beauty and she has been a very good mother. Her pups are nearly weaned now and Apple will be ready for adoption after her spay.

Apple was unsocialized upon coming to rescue, not letting her fosters touch her, but in the 6 weeks she has been there has made great strides in her social skills. Once she gets a sense that you are not a threat, she will approach family and friends for affection, but she's still not comfortable enough to take food from your hand. Because of her insecurity, Apple will be a flight risk for some time to come. She will need to be double leashed for walking (harness AND collar) and until she's comfortable in her new surroundings should be leashed when in her own back yard. Some extra vigilance will be required when opening the front door to guests. All in all, Apple is a sweetheart and once she is confident that her life has permanently taken a turn for the better, will settle into being a wonderful companion.

Posted: August 4, 2018