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Name:   Queenie Hughes (now Mulan)  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 21 lbs ~

Queenie sent this update after one week of rescue: 7/7/2018: Hi! My name is Queenie (but I’m often called Wags because my tail never stops waggling). I had a rough patch and am recovering from a bad cough and pneumonia, but I’m getting stronger and more beagle-y by the day.

My favorite things are medium-paced walks where I can stop and greet all of my neighbors (even if they are half a block away, I’ll stop and wait for them). I’m told I’m an excellent walker because I never pull, bolt or swerve around the sidewalk. Once I start walking, I walk a straight line.

Right now I live in the city and nothing really fazes me – helicopters, motorcades, fireworks, sirens, knocks on the door. Why bother getting worked up about them? I also never bark, whimper or whine. I usually get what I want by just being cute. For these reasons, I’m told I would be an excellent city dog.

I have very good manners, and if you are eating I will let you eat in peace. Though I would love a brother or sister to hang out with, I do fine by myself. I haven’t been observed around children, but I am extremely gentle, so they are unlikely to be a problem.

I adore couches and beds. Once I hear teeth being brushed at night, I start circling the bed and wagging my tail in a joyous bedtime dance. I will happily test every pillow in your house to make sure it’s comfortable. On occasion, I will test your carpet to make sure it’s absorbent, but that’s something I’m working on! Once I have that under control, I should have full reign of the house because I do not get into stuff that’s not mine. In short, I am a perfect little companion just looking for a nice place to live out my gentle, active retirement years.

ORIGINAL POST: Beautiful and calm, Queenie found herself sitting in a hot and noisy shelter just before a holiday - which is never a good scenario for an owner surrendered dog. (Queenie and Fergie were surrendered together, so no fault of their own.) She's safe now and in the perfect foster home for her. We'll keep you updated as we learn more about her.

Posted 06/30/18 and updated 07/07/18