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Name:   Fergie Hughes  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs old ~ 18 lbs ~ Fostered in Rockville, MD

During a huge effort by BRSM to clear the shelter of four beagles before a holiday (NOT a good place to be for any dog), our volunteer noticed little Fergie terrified in a corner. Well, what could our volunteer do? She just couldn't leave her behind! Fergie was so tiny and absolutely terrified, she had to be carried out as she was too scared to walk. She brightened up considerably during her Freedom Ride and was feeling pretty darned good while waiting to see the vet. As you can see by the photo, by the time she went home with our volunteer (We hadn't a foster lined up for her because we didn't know she was there.), she was feeling positively euphoric! Cute, sweet, friendly... She's as beagley as they come.

Her foster mom reports that Fergie is very sweet. She's getting along with others and loves to run around the backyard. She's fine with people but cowers with fast movement. This will take some time... No barking yet. She sleeps well in the crate and I give her breaks in the crate so she can get rest. She's been an easy pup so far. A very tiny thing at only 18 pounds.

Posted 06/30/18