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Name:   Peach Hughes  
Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ 22 lbs ~ Fostered in Washington DC

PEACH UPDATE 9/30/18: Peach is not your typical looking beagle with her auburn hair, golden eyes, and clusters of freckles, but she's definitely a looker. She is very playful and it's a joy to watch her throw a toy around for herself when her foster siblings aren't in the mood to play. She loves going on walks and is doing well on leash. She's getting along with her foster siblings quite well.

This girl has tons of love to give. She loves a good snuggle and is seriously sweet. She appears to be semi-potty-trained, uses the doggy door frequently, but still needs some work. We think the only reason she's not fully potty-trained is she loves her human so much she doesn't want to leave their space. Her vocal musings are singing along to sirens, otherwise she only gets going if one of her siblings start singing. She gets quite concerned when she hears a baby crying on TV, and goes to look for the baby. So although she isn't child-tested, we suspect her former home had children. Peach is not cat tested.

Overall, she has a lot of energy and would do best in a house with a yard, or at least with frequent playtime outside. If you're looking for a dog to do an agility course, this is your girl! At the same time, since undergoing heartworm treatment, she's also very happy to nap and just hang out. This girl has tons of love to give.

ORIGINAL POST: Peach was part of a hunter's pack which was surrendered to the shelter upon his death. She's a friendly, happy little tail-wagger who happens to be heartworm positive, so she's not quite ready for Prime Time. Fortunately for her, she's landed in an experienced foster home where she can rest and recuperate. We'll keep you updated on her progress.