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Name:   Mango Hughes  
Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ 25 lbs ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD

Mango entered rescue as part of a deceased hunter's pack. She was brought to us as one of four dogs, two of whom ended up at the Emergency Vet within 24 hours with pneumonia. She was released after four days ($$$$!) and is still quite sick and will need a few weeks to recover.

Mango has a gentle nature and is quite people bonded. She likes nothing more than physical contact... petting, rubbing, patting... It's almost like she's lived the outside life of a hunting dog and has never been shown human affection.. *ahem* Because of her recent ordeal, it will be some time before she is ready to interview for prospective handmaids and man servants. She won't be available for adoption until mid-October 2018. Stay tuned. If you would care to contribute to her considerable medical bills, we would be incredibly grateful. The Donate Button on our website will take you right to PayPal. (Yes, we need the $$$!)

Posted 06/30/18