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Name:   Gabby Union (now Gabbi)  
Description:   ~ 1 yr ~ 28 lbs ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

We hate to say it, but Gabby got a "lucky" break when she was hit by a car. Until then she was just another stray beagle/hound mix with no one to love in South Carolina. Her pelvis was broken in several places. Fortunately she landed at the veterinary clinic of a very kind, rescue friendly vet. With BRSM's commitment to rescue, Dr. Mike went about making Gabby whole again. Her recuperation took many, many weeks (and many, many donations; thank you very much), but she finally arrived here in Baltimore and is already making friends and impressing her foster family with her sweet temperament and sharp intelligence.

From the first day she blended seamlessly into the foster pack and within 20 minutes had learned to ring the bell on the doorknob to go outside to potty. Everyone is still getting to know one another, but so far she has proved to be affectionate, smart, and in true hound fashion, food driven. Probably because she had to be crated during her recuperation period, she walks pretty well on lead. Time will tell if she needs to be crated when the humans are out or asleep, but so far she seems pretty well behaved in the house. She gets on very well with other dogs. Cats are an unknown. She shows no signs of aggression so far and we can't imagine she wouldn't be delighted to have an older, gentle kid of her own to swap secrets with. (No rough housing. She's still pretty sensitive.)

Gabby has a peculiar way of sitting (see photo), possibly as the result of the accident. It's going to take a few weeks to build up the strength in her hind end after being crated for so long. Gabby's photos make her appear smaller than she is. She's long and leggy and could stand to gain a pound or two.

Gabby is an absolute love and would be a great addition to almost any home.

Posted 6/23/18