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Name:   Lemon Berlin   
Description:   ~ 21 lb ~ 11 yrs old ~ fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

Lemon was adopted and returned after her new mom developed severe allergies. It's a shame that she had to lose her happy home, but now she's back looking for another family.

This “Lemon” is very sweet! Having had such a hard life, the smallest kindness seems to fill her with joy. She is such a happy dog. She loves playing with toys. She loves getting back, ear and belly rubs. She loves going on walks, walks briskly for her age and explores her surroundings with her sniffing nose in detective mode. She is gentle, good-natured, kind and loving and would make a wonderful companion.

She is great with kids. She doesn’t mind cats. She rarely barks, instead she whines and whimpers. Lemon's only failing is that she wants the kingdom to herself. She would prefer to be the only dog in the home. She's friendly on walks with other dogs and wants to meet and greet everyone, but when she comes home, she wants to be Queen.

posted 07/02/19