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Name:   Larry Hughes  
Description:   ~ 33 lbs ~ 10-12 yrs old ~ Fostered in Waldorf, MD ~

Larry is a complete sweetie that just loves to be with people! We're working in housetraining first, just keeping an eye on him and putting him outside any time one of our other three want out, which is of course all the time. No accidents, just two instances of quick marking the first day (which was also his first day post-neuter).

I think he could use some more weight on him and some hind end strengthening exercises in particular for the long term, but he's working on sleeping so far - he's a pro, complete with snoring! He's done perfectly with crating, we even left him crated and alone in the kitchen the first night, no issues. Since then we got another crate set up for him in our bedroom, and he's wonderful about it. Although last night he did tell me for about 10 minutes that he'd rather be in the bed with me. I ignored him, he settled down and shocker started snoring again. He gets along great with our three girls, have not had any issues. We do crate everyone during feeding time just to be safe, and so Daisy doesn't steal everyone's food.
posted 06/17/18 and updated 07/15/18