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Name:   Oliver Hughes  
Description:   ~ 25 lbs ~ 4-6 yrs old ~ Fostered in Reisterstown, MD ~

Meet Oliver, the most handsome red and white beagle you ever did see! Oliver came to us by virtue of a rural kill shelter. He was (and still is) quite skittish, a product of not having been socialized properly and probably spending his life outdoors. Since being welcomed into his foster home, he is not only learning the joys of regular good food, affection and being out of the elements, he is learning that human companionship is not such a bad thing. House training is coming along. He stays dry in his crate and because his foster family keeps him on a schedule of regularly potty breaks, he is pretty reliable in the house.

We would love to place Oliver in a home with a securely fenced yard and either very playful dog, or a larger playful dog. His brand of play is a little rough on the resident beagle who is not used to the rough and tumble play of this high energy boy. His foster home does not have cats and his foster mom feels that his playful curiosity may be off putting to one - at least at first.

Oliver likes playing with toys, is excellent with children and rarely barks with the exception of when he is first crated, but he soon settles down. Like most beagles, he does not miss a meal.

Oliver got off to a rough start. Through no fault of his own, he had trouble attracting a foster and then when he found one, the dominant male beagle in that home was not not pleased with this young upstart. Although Oliver is now safely in a home and progressing, we'd like to get him into his permanent situation sooner rather than later. If you would like to have Oliver join your family, please contact Posted: 8/22/18