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Name:   Oliver Hughes  
Description:   ~ 25 lbs ~ 4-6 yrs old ~ Fostered in Upper Marlboro, MD ~

FINALLY! After nearly 3 weeks of being crated at the vet for want of a foster, one of our best volunteered! He's only been in his new foster home for 24 hours, but here's the report so far: "Oliver is a great guy! He is a little skittish, but seemed to settle in. He ate all his dinner. No surprise there. He is very playful and curious. He gets on well with all the dogs, and already is less stressed when I approach him. We are still walking on lead in the yard so he doesn't get loose and run. It is too HOT to chase him! Tomorrow we are staying inside in the air conditioning except for potty runs. He did have a few accidents, but he also went outside a couple of times. He is sleeping in a crate tonight, but really prefers the bed in the corner of the kitchen." Stay tuned for a more in depth look at this boy. Everyone is getting used to the new normal. If you are interested in adopting Oliver, contact

Posted 06/17/18 and Updated 7/3/18