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Name:   Betty Hughes  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 24 lb ~ Fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

At a very young 8 years, Betty is energetic, agile, smart, super alert and quite active but definitely knows how to throw down a good beagle nap after a lively romp. Having been in her foster home for about two weeks, she has played well with the other dogs and is willing to wrestle and chase during nearly all waking hours. In general, she’s not a huge barker, but she does like to tell you when she’s excited and to announce things like “Critters were in the yard last night!”

For a beagle, she isn’t too mischievous. She is just a playing fool and loves to be on the go; she thinks toys are kinda fun, and walks are among one of her favorite things! Betty’s alertness along with the springs on her feet would probably make her an excellent candidate for agility. Her foster mom thinks that Betty would also be good at nosework.

For updates about Betty, check out the Facebook page she shares with her foster companions: Facebook page for some videos, updates on her progress, and more photos!
posted 05/09/18 and updated 06/29/18