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Name:   Doodlebug Green  
Description:   ~ 6 yrs old ~ 32 lb ~ Fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

The impossibly adorable Doodlebug is as charming and sweet as he is cute! After a journey lasting months, if not years, he finally landed in his BRSM foster home last June. Hailing from South Carolina where he’d been picked up as a heartworm positive, mange-infested stray (he’ll show you his battle scars), he seems none the worse-for-wear, and definitely appreciates all the creature comforts a home has to offer. He insists upon taking long snoozes in his favorite chair, and would never consider sleeping on the floor if his people are in the bed. Doodlebug told his foster mom these conditions are non-negotiable. He doesn’t need tons of time outside, but he must have a very securely fenced yard. He should be monitored outdoors; yard-snacking is a favorite activity, and who knows if what he finds is *really* edible! He appreciates a good walk, but prefers to do his business only in the yard while off-leash and when no-one is looking.

Doodlebug really wants to find a family with a person to love – maybe a few people, but at least someone who will be home much of the time and probably another dog or two. A pretty mischievous fellow, he needs to be crated while his people are away and tolerates about 6 hours in the crate at a time. Doodlebug has great affinity for all things paper – cardboard boxes, books, mail, newspaper, paper towels, tissues, etc. Foam rubber seems appealing from time-to-time as well. If left to his own devices, he will consume most paper products, and his foster mom has stopped counting the number of times she’s needed to clean up his shredding projects; not to mention the books for which she’ll never know the end because he’s eaten *only* the back cover and last page.

Shortly after he arrived, we discovered Doodle’s ears had tattooed numbers which suggests he had been a research beagle at some point. We surmise this explains his aversion to the crate, a few of his other likes/dislikes, and his quirky behavior.

Doodle has been gentle and friendly with the other dogs in his foster home; in fact, he has designated himself the resident groomer. The canine ears in this household have never been so clean! He has no specific experience with children other than meeting them at adoption events, but he’s enjoyed their attention and was accepting of being petted.

In the ideal setting, Doodlebug will be an easy guy – all he really wants is some tasty food, and lots and lots of love! Check out Doodle in his foster home for photos and occasional updates: Facebook page
posted 05/09/18 and updated 02/15/19