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Name:   Hudson Arundel  
Description:   ~ 60 lbs ~ 1 year old ~ Fostered in Reston, VA

He adapted to his surroundings quickly, and has definitely not been shy. He gets along with every dog he’s met comparable to his size. He tries to play with my beagle, but in her old age, she’s stubborn and not so active anymore. On walks, he does great. Does not bark too much when he sees people or dogs across the street. Inside, he does like to look out the window and bark at anyone walking by. And his eye sight is very sharp, he doesn’t miss much. So far the experience has been mostly positive. There’s not much I can say negative about him. He is not good with cats. He is constantly obsessed with finding mine unless he is distracted or preoccupied. He does extremely well in the crate while I’m gone, and has no accidents in the crate or the house for that matter. He loves to play fetch, and it’s hard to tire him out. He’s very energetic and fit. He sleeps through the night no problem, and doesn’t mind staying in bed on a rainy day. I’ve enjoyed fostering him and hope he can fine a permanent home.
posted 05/06/18