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Name:   Charlie Bastrop  
Description:   ~ 20 lbs ~ 8-10 yrs old ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD~

Charlie (red beagle) is older but has the energy of 6-7. He loves to play and go on walks and although he does very well in a home with other dogs (his current home boasts two others), he's very much a people kind of guy. There's a lot of "Just you and me, Mom-just us!" in Charlie and he considers himself a lap dog. He is cautious around strangers but soon warms up and is a sweetheart. He is crate trained, leash and house trained. He's not particularly vocal. He's definitely not an alpha fellow, preferring to go along with the general consensus. He will jump on the beds and furniture but listens well to commands and sleeps on the floor in a dog bed. Because he has no incisors, he needs to be on a soft food diet.

Charlie had a bit of difficulty adjusting to life with cats in the beginning, but after much trial and error has reached detente. His foster mom writes: "After some correction, Charlie accepted that chasing the cat just because it runs is not acceptable. (Charlie very much wants to be Good Boy!) With patience and stealth, he moved ever the distance he was allowed to approach the cat ever closer. It took him weeks but he and the cat have been seen napping within a couple feet each other. The cat has been seen rubbing on him." br>posted 04/30/18 and updated 06/22/18