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Name:   Murdock Bastrop  
Description:   ~ 16 lbs ~ 10 yrs old ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Murdock is a sweet boy who would do best in a home with humans that are around most of the time. Nothing makes him happier than to be in the same room with a human being. He suffers from separation anxiety and can be quite vocal about it, so we'd prefer not to place him in a home with shared walls (condos, apartments, townhouses) Although he gets along with the other dogs in his home, he is not particularly playful and does not need to be part of a pack. in fact, he can be aloof with the other dogs. He loves to be cuddled and loved. Murdock is not a big walker but does well on the leash, stopping to say hello to anyone that will give him attention. He has been exceptional in his house training and is crate trained but does not need to be kept in the crate. He sleeps on the floor in a dog bed and has no interest in getting on the furniture. He really just needs someone that will be happy spending lots of time with him. Murdock is heartworm positive and will be receiving treatment in the next couple weeks so will need to be kept on rest for 6 weeks after treatment.
posted 04/30/18 and updated 08/17/18